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1 hour ago, RIP_Cabrini_Green said:



lol homeboy is about as salty as 75% of this thread....



Is he salty, or is he just right? 


I, for one, had never heard of ThirdLove until reading this article yesterday and I actually checked it out because of it. So he’s certainly not wrong in that it’s great press for them as a brand. 


Also, like many former employees of the brand shared in all the recent think pieces about VS and the the VSFS’s place in 2018, this brand and the show are being run by a bunch of people with deeply outdated, borderline misogynistic views of women, fantasy, sexiness, etc. you don’t even need to have worked for VS to see that. Their blatant refusal to change with the times is all the proof you need.


Though I’m sure Ed loved the article, it really is absolutely terrible and reflects on him and the company in a really negative way. He came across as so arrogant and uneducated about, well, everything. Had this article gone viral and certain pull quotes been highlighted, they’d be in some hot water. And it’s not too late for any of that to happen. 


VS is in trouble and we all know that. We’ve all talked about it extensively. I don’t think this ThirdLove guy is far off in his post even if there’s a little salt in it.

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1 hour ago, lostdiadem said:

With all these angels leaving and the attention they put on Kendull and Gigi, I’m scared if they have to announce new angels, those two are gonna be in the group because they’re using them as means of gathering viewers and that’s what they need. They think the duo will help it but they’re so wrong :rofl: 

Unless VS is ready to shell out some serious dough they don’t have, there’s no way either of these girls would accept an Angel contract- their management wouldn’t let them. Kendall makes more money from a single sponsored Instagram post than what an entire Angel contract is worth these days.


i also don’t see VS feeling the need to offer them sh*t. Why would they give contracts to them when they get all the publicity they need from them for casting them in the show?

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I don't understand the MK segment. What's with the gloved tops? Are these things they're going to try to sell? And the dresses??? I get the leggings but that's about it other than the actual bras and panties. I'm just super confused by the entire thing. 

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They can save their asses by firing Sophia, cut down on the amount of models and outfits (especially Kendull, Gigi and Bella, whom I'm sure gets quite a pay check for walking in the show), cut out all the ridiculous outfits (aka less fabric), cut back on performers, and stop with the whole having shows around the world. Boom. Money and quality saved. 

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Outside of MK segment, which was stuff of horrors, the rest is not bad. But not good either. Completly boring, meriocre and forgetable. Can't think of a single look I LOVED. The only ones I liked Candice's black one, Elsa's FB and Sara


And what about the obsession with hiding girls neck this year? mess

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