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Here's a break down of the show per model and per segment


- Adriana Lima (2 outfits + 1 Segment opening + 1 segment closing)
- Behati Prinsloo (2 outfits + 1 segment closing)
- Candice Swanepoel (2 outfits + 1 segment opening)
- Elsa Hosk (2 outfits + Fantasy Bra + 1 segment closing)
- Jasmine Tookes (2 outfits + 1 segment opening)
- Josephine Skriver (2 outfits + 1 segment closing)
- Lais Ribeiro (2 outfits + 1 segment opening)
- Martha Hunt (2 outfits + 1 segment closing)
- Romee Strijd (2 outfits + Swarovski Outfit + 1 segment closing)
- Sara Sampaio (2 outfits)
- Stella Maxwell (2 outfits + 1 segment opening)
- Taylor Hill (2 outfits + Show opening)


Pink Spokesperson: 
- Grace Elizabeth (2 outfits)
- Zuri Tibby (1 outfit)
- Maggie Laine (1 outfits + 1 segment closing)

Contracted models:
- Sui He (2 outfits)
- Ming Xi (2 outfits)


Returning models:

- Georgia Fowler (1 outfit)
- Devon Windsor (2 outfits)
- Herieth Paul (1 outfit)
- Estelle Chen (1 outfit)
- Barbara Palvin (2 outfits)
- Alexina Graham (2 outfits)
- Shanina Shaik (1 outfit)
- Leomie Anderson (1 outfit)
- Alanna Arrington (1 outfit)
- Lameka Fox (2 outfits)
- Megan Williams (1 outfit)
- Gizele Oliveira (1 outfit)
- Nadine Leopold (1 outfit)
- Barbara Fialho (2 outfits)
- Frida Aasen (1 outfit)
- Kelly Gale (2 outfits)
- Cindy Bruna (2 outfits)
- Jourdana Phillips
- Grace Bol (1 outfit)
- Aiden Curtiss (2 outfits)
- Toni Garrn (1 outfit)
- Gigi Hadid (2 outfits)
- Bella Hadid (2 outfits)
- Kendull Jenner (2 outfits)
- Liu Wen (2 outfits)



- Kelsey Merritt (1 outfit)
- Sadie Newman (1 outfit)
- Winnie Harlow (2 outfits)
- Alannah Walton (1 outfit)
- Maia Cotton (1 outfit)
- Lorena Rae (1 outfit)
- Iesha Hodges (1 outfit)
- Melie Tiacoh (1 outfit)
- Yasmin Wijnaldum (2 outfits)
- Cheyenne Maya (1 outfit)
- Myrthe Bolt (1 outfit)
- Isilda Moreira (1 outfit)
- Sofie Rovenstine (2 outfits)
- Josie Canseco (1 outfit)
- Sabah Koj (1 outfit)
- Mayowa Nicholas (1 outfit)
- Willow Hand (1 outfit)
- Duckie Thot (1 outfit)


SEGMENTS - In walking order
Glam Royal

1.       Taylor Hill

2.       Alexina Graham

3.       Josephine Skriver

4.       Aiden Curtiss

5.       Sara Sampaio

6.       Lais Ribeiro

7.       Gigi Hadid

8.       Liu Wen

9.       Lameka Fox

10.   Kendull Jenner

11.   Cindy Bruna

12.   Yasmin Wijnadulm

13.   Behati Prinsloo


Golden Angels

14.   Candice Swanepoel

15.   Shanina Shaik

16.   Jasmine Tookes

17.   Jourdana Phillips

18.   Grace Elizabeth

19.   Barbara Fialho

20.   Sofie Rovenstine

21.   Stella Maxwell

22.   Barbara Palvin

23.   Ming Xi

24.   Lorena Rae

25.   Herith Paul

26.   Romee Strijd


Flights of Fancy

27.   Adriana Lima

28.   Martha Hunt

29.   Frida Aasen

30.   Kelly Gale

31.   Winnie Harlow

32.   Toni Garrn

33.   Megan Williams

34.   Devon Windsor

35.   Bella Hadid

36.   Alanna Arrington

37.   Gizele Oliveira

38.   Elsa Hosk



39.   Grace Elizabeth

40.   Josie Canseco

41.   Maia Cotton

42.   Kelsey Merritt

43.   Iesha Hodges

44.   Melie Tiacoh

45.   Isilda Moreira

46.   Alannah Walton

47.  Estelle Chen

48.   Zuri Tibby

49.   Willow Hand

50.   Myrthe Bolt

51.   Maggie Laine



52.   Jasmine Tookes

53.   Devon Windsor

54.   Yasmin Wijnadulm

55.   Gigi Hadid

56.   Nadine Leopold

57.   Sofie Rovenstine

58.   Winnie Harlow

59.   Aiden Curtiss

60.   Mayowa Nicholas

61.   Alexina Graham

62.   Liu Wen

63.   Duckie Thot

64.   Sui He

65.   Leomie Anderson

66.   Josephine Skriver


Downtown Angels 

67.   Stella Maxwell

68.   Behati Prinsloo

69    Georgia Fowler

70.   Martha Hunt

71.  Lameka Fox

72.   Subah Koj

73.   Cheyenne Maya

74.   Ming Xi

75.   Bella Hadid

76.   Kelly Gale

77.  Barbara Palvin

78. Sadie Newman

79.  Martha Hunt


Celestial Angels

80.  Lais Ribeiro

81.  Candice Swanepoel

82.  Taylor Hill

83.  Romee Strijd

84.  Elsa Hosk

85.  Barbara Fialho

86.  Jourdana Phillips

87.  Kendull Jenner

88.  Grace Bol

89.   Sara Sampaio

90.   Cindy Bruna

91.   Sui He

92.   Adriana Lima

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1 minute ago, DULOVEMEDO said:


Is it even considered a Fantasy Bra with that real price tag/value? 





Well if we're gonna do the math on Elsa's then we should do the math on everyone's. Which means they're all far less than they're said to be. So in comparison to all the FB ever, yes it counts. And it doesn't matter she looked so amazing and better than most of the FB ever tbh so I don't care about the price tag


Image result for sometimes things that are expensive are worse


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Let's be honest, deep down we all knew Elsa's FB worth was less. And let's be honest too in how much the prices makes things more 'appealing' to some people, bc the majority doesn't like it for the price, and the 'fake' diamonds just bc they are lab made and have less value.
It's was very simple but stunning, dainty, and looked perfect for Elsa and her style. 
She deserved something with the 'wow factor' almost every other FB had? Sure. But It is what it is.  It was a fantasy indeed, a less expensive one but a you don't see that type of bra nor you wear them.




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Just now, DULOVEMEDO said:


With this ideology we will continue to get recycled looks, untrained model walks, zero presence, bad/cheap designs, and theme-less shows with segments that don't connect together....oh and don't forget the marketing content this year....that will continue until they actually listen to constructive criticism from customers who purchase/purchased there items and hire a new creative director who know what they are doing....and go back to there old manufacturers.


*catches breath*


Did I miss anything?

Yes the fact that they don't care about what we have to say and the fact that even if they read this they wont take any of it to heart. Ed literally said he got rid of his instagram because of comments like you all are making. It just pisses them off and makes them even less inclined to take any criticism. Holy fuck, you all literally rip everything they do apart before it's even out, what makes you think they'll take that negativity to heart after the fact when they're judged before the final product is seen.


They do not give two shits what a bunch of random people on a forum have to say, especially when 90% of what is said is negative regardless of what they do. What you guys are doing isn't constructive criticism, it's just straight negative and it's depressing. Literally it makes people not even want to come on here because it's all just bitching.

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Sofie R. looks good. I was worried about how she would translate on HQ. I want to see her walk. Her and Barbara can represent for the non-size zero girls and people can stop complaint about there being no body diversity. Although....maybe they should add 2 more so it is not in the "token" range.

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I've been in class so I haven't gotten to look through everything and won't for a little while longer but holy shit. 


This is. Bad. 


feeling extra bad for the girls who ONLY had a look in the MK segment. Leomie deserved better. 

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37 minutes ago, DULOVEMEDO said:

As I said time and time again earlier in this thread........VS is not spending money on these girls ESP the new angels anymore because they are not bringing in the sales. The blame should be placed on the design/marketing/manufacturing teams but it is easier to blame the angels....because they believe they should be able to sell the products anyway even if they are unattractive and products are destroyed after a few washes.


I know you all have your VS faves and what not but this entire show....was bad....very bad....the construction of the pieces...to the sets..the design concepts.....performers....etc. overall....terrible. If you think this is nice you are just being grateful to either see your favorite models walking and limited knowledge in design/construction and a very acquired taste of fashion that is questionable. 


There were no proper transitions between segments that actually make sense. No story to be told that actually makes sense. There was no overall theme. The clothing (not staring at the models face or body because most people do not look like these girls which are the customers) are cheaply made and none of you would buy those items if it was simply photographed without your fav model wearing it. SO SAVE IT! They should do a focus group with clothing alone and see how people respond to it....but they will never do that because they are just as delusional as the fans.


Elsa deserves a second FB under new management because I can never accept that especially since it is not worth 1 million. No where near that price which was completely inflated and I knew that from the jump. It looks like they used a 3-D printer to make the bralette (you can 3-D print metal). It is the cheapest bra VS ever done with lab grown diamonds. NO GMO for me...it ain't real. Period. Next time Elsa needs to just leave her face alone or go to Candice filler/botox person and not too much lip fillers. I love my very full lips so I understand the desire but it makes her look cartoonish.


Anyway, enjoy being delusional if you want. Ratings will tank and I will not be surprised if sales are down again this holiday season....meaning there might not be a show. We are in the red zone for cancelling the whole thing. Furthermore, don't @ me with it being a "free commercial" commentary because if your multi-million dollar commercial still fails to bring in sales then it is not worth it because you are not breaking-even. At the end of the day it is a business. Hopefully, they cut 5-6 angels and Sophia/Ed/Monica steps down. CEO use your brain and make that change!

go off sis!!!

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You could never let the woman get her moment without having to be bitching about it, could you? Maybe it's not worth that, or maybe that video was made from someone who actually don't know what it's talking about, but you pick the thing that it's going to make Elsa look worst. You always do that. 

That fucking thing looked like a million dollars on the runway and if that's the price they are putting on it, I'm fine because she sold the fuck out of that. So let her breathe, cheap or not it's her special moment and she is happy about it. For God's sake.

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Seems pretty f-ed that Sara is really the only one who didn't get anything. Like yeah I'm a huge Sara fan but even if you aren't, she's worked hard for this brand. Not that the other girls haven't but they all got something, Romee got two things. I think that's what is annoying me more than anything (even the shitty outfits)

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