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1 minute ago, VSBODY said:

You guys........... I don't think I can deal with how perfect this years show is 😭

I can't wait to watch it. Did you see the video of the 'edited' footage of Frida and Kelly? Just wow

Anyway yeah amazing show I excpected to only like one segment but there's so many good ones 😍



Thank you @Clauds for the photos from the segments. Such an amazing show.


That nose is sharp this year. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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5 minutes ago, Mary17 said:

Although they say that Taylor was the worst, I think Stella is one of the worst openings in a segment in VS


They are both terrible in VS shows....and I don't understand because Taylor in HF can walk....and has attitude...Stella I never paid attention to her.

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Wow.  Has VS hit such a low on money that they're literally now using Tshirts or else ugly ballooning fabrics as outfits? 


I thought that Jo's outfit looked pretty bad in the photos, but I actually bursted into laughter when she started moving in it.  It kind of jiggles like Jello. Hehehe. 


One upshot of having these bad outfits is that at least the show will be funny. 





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