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Details on he makeup look. Sounds promising. Will not be as dramatic as the 2008 look but she is promising glamour, glow, and “golden goddess” 


The girls (or at least some of them) got their tans last night. 


I was worried about the hair as soon as Anthony Turner was announced...his style doesn’t match VS at all. I don’t think his vision is blending with charlotte’s at all. He plans on working with their hair in its natural state (so I don’t think any added extensions), undone look, rocker...sounds awful, but hoping for the best 

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27 minutes ago, phang.s said:

“The 2018 Victoria’s Secret show hair will be more natural than ever before”





leomie, gizele, chey did the hair test earlier



1058171040-1.jpg 1058171184-1.jpg 1058171338-1.jpg
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I was ranting to my bf yesterday (poor guy def loves me hah) about how I really miss the bombshell look they had back in 2003/2005. I want the over the top hair with long, wavy extensions and tons of volume, lots of eye makeup with lashes, spraytan, body makeup/glitter and SEXY models, who don't look like they're straight out of high school. I want the whole va va voom. And the focus being on the lingerie, and wings that actually look like wings. Not insane outfits. I would actually watch the show back in 2006-2008 and buy some of the lingerie I saw on the show, and I felt amazing wearing it. I don't necessarily want to wear that kind of over the top makeup or have that many wefts of extensions in myself, but I felt inspired when i watched. I really miss that.

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