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Finally i caught up with the +20 pages i missed. I've been laughing like a fool on the bus bc of the comments here :rofl:


It's hard to say this, but i would have preferred another cultural segment than the collaboration with Mary, everything i see is horrible and it's not even for a lingiere show... It's bad

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3 minutes ago, Souled-Out said:


That whole segment was terrible lol.

That whole show 


3 minutes ago, DULOVEMEDO said:


Well, at least people can stop saying she doesn't wear heavy wings and speaking for models they don't know personally. She complained about that once.

She also complained about it as a joke. She can wear anything. People just make things up


7 minutes ago, DULOVEMEDO said:


EDIT: Yes,, because my girl FRIDA is "an alien" for some of the BZ members. She needs to come in on her ship. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

She's literally perfection lol

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I was gone a lot of hours and missed +15 pages but nothing interesting. I was hoping to come back to something about the rehearsals but I just came back to more ugly Mary outfits :ninja:



My girl Elsa looks divine in the picture of the picture of her FB outfit, she looks like a dream. 



Tomorrow I have a really busy day so I'm going to miss all the backstage fun, but hopefully I'm going to be around for the second taping, and catching up to a whole lot of pages.

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