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I don't want to jump the gun but IF Adriana is getting a full solo press-conference and she's announcing this is her last show, then there is no way in hell she will play a small role in the show. Maybe this will be like Tyra's last show in 2005.


BUT this is too good to be true so watch VS fuck this up.

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2 minutes ago, GlitterAndWings said:

Watched a bit of the conference, Adriana talked about how the show was first held in NY at the Plaza, with her first show being in 1999. 


Where are you watching? I want to see but I'm finding nothing

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I hate everything. I just want the glamour of the old shows back. 

WTH is this? Most outfits are not sexy. They aren't even lingerie, at times. 

so strange.


I remember when everyone wanted to look like the angels and you would get 20000 tutorials on youtube. Not now. Flat hair, barely there make up. 

It's so odd and they see they are decreasing sales, views, etc... yet, nothing change?


it's beyond comprehension. 

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