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Now that's what I call a horrible look :rofl: poor Josephine. I hope that segment overall is better because the colorful lingerie is very cute and it's something different from previous years, but that look promises bad things :rofl: 


And the parachute idea, HOW ORIGINAL. 


I love the SO even more in motion and Romee in it looks amazing. The bodysuit is made for the tall ones so Romee rocks it perfectly. The wings tho, still not sold.

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13 minutes ago, nymphxa said:

also I think it's safe to say Jo set the office on fire the other day, sweet revenge after that outfit reveal




I hope Elsa opens or closes the segment and gets gorgeous wings with the FB. The FB needs to stand out imo, not get buried in between a segment

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Outfit is god awful. I said that Mary segment would either be bomb asf or a disaster, no inbetween, looks like I might be right. 


The fact that they really posted that on their Instagram not expecting a uninamous “bitch wtf...” says it all. So many firings need to be taken place it’s a joke 

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1 minute ago, toodarnhot said:

Damn. I wouldn’t even wish Jo’s outfit on Alexina. :ninja: 


Speaking of, do you guys think all the girls the who were in the Mary K campaign are walking that segment? Alexina, Yasmin, Jas? 


Now that you mention it, they should’ve given this outfit to Alexina

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