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1 hour ago, marinebing said:


I'm surprised they're not using this for promotion. or after taping maybe ? or maybe her mind is not made up yet


The show is tomorrow, there’s no time for her “ mind to be made up”. Idk who some people think Adriana is.... lol. Thinking she has that kind of control or wants it


They probably want to use it for shock value, so that people will want to tune in. They wouldn’t announce that right away. Its smarter to wait longer to say that. Also, Adriana usually does more promotion after the show happens because thats when it will be aired. 

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1 minute ago, PastaFreak said:


ehrmagawddddd, them one piece denims!! Shanina looks so good in that.


Also @Prettyphile, forget about the night shot photos of Sui. You've gone through enough troubles already. 

What night shoot? Find me a Getty or Wireimage link and I'll post it, but I don't care enough to go searching for it.

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