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@Prettyphile growing up one of my friends' mums did costumes for the opera in vienna! i was obsessed with her even at five. def would love to talk costuming some time.


oof. @toodarnhot you okay, babe? :rofl: 

i like the look of it from a distance, but then i remember how good lais' fb was last year and i go hmmm.


nothing new in this thread but elsa deserved better.

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1 minute ago, phenobarbie said:

I feel like a lot of you are severely disappointed on Christmas. Like you asked for a cabbage patch doll or a drone or some shit, got it but it wasn`t the right color so fuck it, it can all burn.


I`m happy for Elsa, she`s one of the few models who I think can pull off something that dainty looking without overwhelming it. The color palette suits her and based on the `look` we`re seeing I`m kinda excited to see it on the runway. :) Thanks for everyone who posted the articles and pictures.

Honestly? I ain’t even mad, just more of an ‘oh’ feeling. 


Could be better, could be worse, not terrible.

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2 minutes ago, Fashionfreak1 said:

Wow if you needed proof VS are in money troubles this year’s show is it

1. the cheap fantasy bra with fake diamonds

2. The crap singing lineup 

3. The return to NY


no fake diamonds. look in the vogue article. the bra features over 2.100 diamonds.



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