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Marie Claire (US) October 2001
''Tuxedo Junction''
Photography by Anne Menke

Models:Agatha Relota,Luka Sylwester,Caroline Bwomono,Beatriz,Katy Braitman,Fabiana Semprebom,Bruna,Kim Iglinsky and Vanessa Greca


tuxedojunction_bwam01.JPG tuxedojunction_bwam02.JPG tuxedojunction_bwam03.JPG tuxedojunction_bwam04.JPG tuxedojunction_bwam05.JPG tuxedojunction_bwam06.JPG tuxedojunction_bwam07.JPG tuxedojunction_bwam08kim.JPG tuxedojunction_bwam09.JPG tuxedojunction_bwam10vanessa.JPG
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Photographer Anne Menke occupies the unique realm where high fashion meets bohemian travel and a free spirit. Her editorial work (for magazines including W, Sports Illustrated, Esquire, Elle, In Style, Travel & Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler and Vogue) exudes a sense of glamour often amidst a backdrop of far flung, exotic locales.


Menke has photographed couture on the mountains of Peru and beauty contests on the plains of Mongolia.


Her eye for the authentic, somehow she’s an insider wherever she goes, has informed her campaigns for clients including Tommy Hilfiger, Nine West, Keds, Clarins, L’Oreal, Aveda, Banana Republic, Ralph Lauren, Macy’s,  J. Crew, Nike, Wrangler and Hush Puppies.


Menke was born in Germany and has lived and worked in London, Paris, and New York City.  


In 2001 Menke published a photography book “Our New York” in conjunction with Tommy Hilfiger. Her second book was published in 2012 titled “See The World Beautiful” and is about her personal work from the last 15 years. Over last ten years she had exhibitions in New York and Mexico, where she now resides.



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Vogue Netherlands June 2012


Model: Iekeliene Stange
Photographer: Anne Menke
Stylist: Martien Mellema
Hair: Eva Copper
Makeup: Suzanne Verberk



magworld.nl via Mat Cyruss at The Fashion Spot

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Vogue Netherlands September 2013

"Een Beetje Gekte is Belangrijk in Het Leven"

Model: Helena Christensen
Photographer: Anne Menke
Hair: Frank Rizzieri
Makeup: Rebecca Alexander





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