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It was the fastest pregnancy in history. Even though it's 9months lol

Exactly my thoughts lol :laugh: especially when I thought that Jessica´s Simpson pregnancy was longer than an elephant does have (22 months, which is the longest gestation period of any mammal.)

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Here's the Caras' magazine article about Alessandra (she's the cover this week, introducing Noah).

Alessandra Ambrósio introduces her youngest, Noah Phoenix

With her Anja, the supermodel introduces Noah, the new member of the family.

She's one of the hottest fashion icons of the moment. She appears on the powerful team of models that make Brazil famous throughout the world. But it's far from all that mess that Alessandra Ambrósio, 31, enjoys the best moments of her life. "To have a family was a childhood dream. Before I thought of having a career, I was already picking the name of my children", reveals the gaúcha.

Serene, she exclusively received Caras in her apartment in Florianópolis, holding in her arms what she calls her "second miracle": Noah Phoenix, born in May 7. "To conceive is special", celebrates Alê, mother of Anja, also born from her relationship of five years with American businessman Jamie Mazur, 34. "I feel extremely happy with my husband and my children", states the beauty who, to celebrate her moment, donated, jointly with Pampers, R$ 150.000 for Unicef's social projects.

Multitasking with her care with the children, the model shows calm and security. "We, women, have this gift", says, amused, the sixth best paid model in the world, having earned US$ 6,6 million in 2011 according to Forbes.

What have changed in your life with maternity?

I live for my children, everything I do is thinking about their future. To look at them is to see my dream come true. When I got pregnant with Anja it was a surprise and, since then, I had been planning to give her a sibling. I don't know if we're finished here.

And Jamie?

We've grown closer. We have built the family we wanted so much.

Was he there for the birth?

Jamie was by my side the entire time. He was the one who held Noah for the first time and brought him to me. He held my hand and filmed everything with the other. The videos are a little shaky, but it was worth it (laughs)

What did you feel when you saw Noah?

I wanted to see if he was perfect, I looked at his face and asked if he was fine, healthy. I was deeply thankful. He's a gift. I cried a lot.

Who does he look like?

Jamie thinks he'll look more like me, he has my eyes and my skin tone. I remember that with Anja I had no doubts, I saw me in her face. But with Noah I haven't seen it yet. Maybe because he's a boy, I'm still learning.

Who chose his name?

We were stuck between two, then in the day he was born, I asked Anja to pick. Noah is a biblical name, I always thought it was beautiful. And Phoenix shows strength.

How did Anja receive him?

She was happy and anxious. She watched the video of his birth and even cried. She was one of the first people to touch him and she's all proud of that.

Does she get jealous?

When we arrived home from the hospital she put up a dance show. It wasn't jealousy, but she wanted to show she had new things to offer. Now she's very zealous, wants to show him to the world. She has put him on her doll stroller and pushed him around the house.

Why did you choose to have your children on Brazil?

With Anja, I wanted to be here so I had my parents and my sister around, to be able to speak my language in case anything went wrong. But with Noah, the plan was that he would be born in America, but I arrived in Brazil and didn't feel the desire to go back.

Do you see any difference between mothering a boy and a girl?

Having a girl you already put top, skirt, earrings. It's easier with boys. But there's a strong connection between mother and son, there's this crazy love since the pregnancy. Anja and I share a delicious closeness, with Noah it's a different feeling, it's more protective.

And your motherly routine?

It's the best thing in my life. For me, I'd spend tne entire day stuck to them. I love to bath them, get them to sleep and, in Noah's case, to nurse. I feel completely connected to him.

Is it hard to balance work and motherhood?

I think what is important enough to have me out of the house and away from the kids. Nothing in the world would make me miss a special date or a special moment for them. I give up whatever money.

How is Alessandra away from the runway, on her daily routine?

I don't wear makeup, I don't comb my hair and I choose to wear comfortable clothes. My daily routine is my children's.

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And why discuss it at all?why exactly Aessandra?is she the only one that looks old?well,Ale ,Adriana and Miranda all look younger,more fresh faced than the young one themselves.


by old ,I mean I address the old looking saying not old (in age) or in looks,coz really they are so young,only in the beginning of their 30s.so at the end it would be joke no rumour,or silly rumour by silly one.or just no new contracts for some other reasons.

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so pretty sure ale got the bra :D

Alessandra Ambrosio@AngelAlessandra

Getting my hair done by @frankiefoye !!! Getting back to the groove [pic

Frankie Foye@frankiefoye

Pins for The Million Dollar Bra http://instagr.am/p/M-_wzGs554/


Don't want to get anyone too excited, but I am assuming because ale tweeted she was working with frankie, then franke tweeted about the bra ect :D

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Not a huge Ale fan, but I did want her to get the bra this year...it only seemed right. So good for her!

btw :laugh: at uploading a picture of pins, I'm not complaining...just think it's silly how much people take a picture of just to upload.

Is ale back in shape completely after giving birth to Noah? If not, if she even had a few days to go you would think they would have waited a little longer. But then again Ale always drops the weight fast.

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I'm sure it's Ale, only Lindsay, Miranda, Erin & Alessandra shot in NYC yesterday. We know is not Miranda & i don't think VS people is stupid enough to give to Lindsay or Erin this year, especially because they can make a lot more publicity out of Ale since it's going to be her 'comeback'

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How Is Alessandra Ambrosio Participating in the Olympics?

When London hands the Olympic flag off to Rio de Janiero — which will host the games in 2016 — news reports say Alessandra Ambrosio will be on hand to help with the festivities.

The Victoria's Secret Angel is expected to participate in the flag handover, a portion of the closing ceremony that has been touted as the "most visible celebrations of Brazilian culture in London's history." Ambrosio's precise role in the event has not been specified, but her modeling agency, Models 1, has confirmed that she will travel to London as a representative of the 2016 games.

Plans for a host of British supermodels to participate in the closing ceremony were revealed earlier this week. Kate Moss, Naomi Campbell, Stella Tennant, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Georgia May Jagger, and Lily Cole will reportedly put on a fashion show displaying clothing from Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen during the extravaganza. The rest of the ceremony will celebrate British music and will feature performances from Queen, One Direction, Annie Lennox, and Adele, among others.

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Alessandra is getting her name out there. This Olympics things will bring a lot of exposure for her. She being mentioned in sites like BBC and such

International lingerie model Alessandra Ambrosio and a street sweeper famous for samba dancing with his brush will be among the stars of Sunday night’s Olympic handover ceremony, organizers of the Rio 2016 games said Friday, as they outlined the lessons learned from the London Games.


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Brazilian supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio said she has been rehearsing for Rio 2016's segment during the ceremony alongside the Spice Girls.

Ambrosio said: "I have been doing a lot of rehearsal so my highlight has been to mix with everybody.


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2012 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show to Air on December 4!

Sep 4, 2012 - It's on, it's more glamorous than ever, and it's just three months away! The 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show returns to CBS on Tuesday, December 4 at 10/9C. The world's most celebrated fashion show will be back in New York City, with dozens of the world's top Supermodels and musical performances. As of press time, Victoria's Secret Angels Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes, Candice Swanepoel, Erin Heatherton, Lily Aldridge, Lindsay Ellingson and many more are set to walk the runway. For now, enjoy a sneak peek with these designer sketches, and keep your eye on this space for more info as this year’s show unfolds.
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