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My goal in 2018 is to totally minimalize my activity on bellazon and disappear by the time I reach my 5th year anniversary of me signing in here for the first time. 

My first step for this was that I basically visited just the General Talk topics most of the time. It was great as my interest in models decreased a LOT (I still can't unfollow all of them on instagram, but this will be a later step)... My next step is that this topic will be the only one I visit (I haven't decided about PMing yet). I think it's a great plan as probably it won't get that much attention from people so I won't have to check the bell in the right upper corner that often. 


That's all for now. I encourage everybody to follow my lead, because you can spend your life with better activities than wasting time on an internet forum (or the internet, but that's too big of a deal for me atm, so that will be my 2019 goal)! If you disagree please leave the topic asap, you have plenty of topics to fill with the product of your frustrations (This doesn't have a negative tone, I just really think that)! Yes, that's the key!


Happy healing for me and for those who may follow me in this! :fun:


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Although I don't know the full story of your reasoning I hear you & understand :thumbs_up: I have said this many times before, I think everyone should take a break from BZ sometime in order to stay sane and reevaluate things in their "real" life :yes: I have been on these forums for awhile and I have witnessed people not only feeling their souls being sucked out of them, but also their sense of reality getting skewed :sad: The more time someone spends here the more their sense of reality gets blurred and they start to perceive BZ as if it is their life. Usually it is not apparent to the person until later :/ 


When it comes down to it we need to take care of ourselves and do what we think is best. If you think significantly decreasing your time here or even leaving is the best course or action, I support and respect your decision :yes: Thank you for your post, stay strong and take care! :flower::heart: 

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