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Denise van Outen (born Denise Outen May 27, 1974) is a British television host and stage actress. Her most famous roles have been as a presenter for The Big Breakfast and as Roxie in the musical Chicago on both West End and Broadway.

Van Outen was born Denise Outen (the van was added later to give her name an interesting twist, and also to acknowledge her Dutch roots) in Basildon, Essex. She attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School and as a youngster appeared in the chorus of Les Mis



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I always thought she was with Fatboy Slim (Norman Cook).

Who am I mistaking her for?

Haha you're thinking of Zoe Ball..She is a radio Dj. Denise Van Outen was famously Connected to Jay Kay the front man of the Group Jamirquai :)

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I think beautiful blonde Denise is a fit babe. :whistle: She is one gorgeous woman I say :drool: :heart:

:kiss: Some features this beauty has that's sexy :

D V O has a nice ass :whistle: (a lovely behind to see ):blush: :drool:


a lovely pair of legs :whistle: (like to see more of those legs) :heart: :drool: wit-a-woo!!


+ looks sexy here topless :whistle: post-14405-1201106349_thumb.jpgpost-14405-1201106386_thumb.jpgsee thru showing nice titspost-14405-1201106424_thumb.jpg


good cleavage :heart:


a good body :kiss:



some collages of sexy Denisepost-14405-1201107260_thumb.jpgpost-14405-1201107303_thumb.jpgpost-14405-1201107363_thumb.jpg

Denise in red wig on some tv show (leggy in high shoes/nurses outfit)


and lastly -an upskirt in car (good pins) :drool: post-14405-1201108338_thumb.jpg

leggy on tv in real high shoes :whistle: post-14405-1201111718_thumb.jpgpost-14405-1201111745_thumb.jpg


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