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Just now, nuttyfeet said:



Winters tale is Russian winter ? How 


It's about Lapland. Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia share Lapland, why Sophia decided to name just Russia is beyond me :rofl: 

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I don't understand why half the girls kill themselves at the gym.  80% of the looks we've seen so far have been sooooooooo covered up.  If I was a model, i'd focus on having reallllly good upper thighs and that's it.  not even good legs, just upper thighs, can hide the rest in these god awful boots.

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OMG VS is a disaster, the only segment to look for is Balmain. I don't think this, all the angels have space for getting something special, SO, FB, Closing, Opening, Big Wings... They have a special contract, all they should get something if they wanted

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1 hour ago, novxk said:

I can't just be the only one annoyed that Karlie is in almost every angel group photo from backstage. It's driving me up the wall. Did she forget she gave up her contract 2 years ago?

that's why I think former Angels should not walk the show anymore. It's awkward to see them being in the starring role as Angels and then somewhere in the background as past-Angels. Guess some past Angels don't know their place and keep posing with the Angels. Best example: Izabel 

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So pretty much


Porcelain is about Greek/Mediterranean

Goddesses is Greek/Egyptian/Roman

Winter’s Tale is Russian/Norway/Finland

Nomadic is African/South American


So is that enough reason to get Sophia off of this show or not? Can she come up with segments that aren’t exotic and based off of countries and cultures?

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Stop complaining bitches, Lais got a 2 million dollar bra, she's more than happy and so should us.

Alessandra didn't open/close or had her FB mentioned in 2012 and so haven't Jasmine last year, so stop acting like VS is doing the worst thing EVER by not letting Lais open or close Goddesses. 

I'm just happy for Lais, so so so so happy; I just wished she would have walked side by side with Candice in the finale, didn''t get why Sara was the second after Ale. 

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