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Jennifer Lopez


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Guest Lullaby

Jennifer Lopez is so sick of her "J.Lo" stage name, she nearly titled her upcoming album Call Me Jennifer. The singer - who ultimately settled on Rebirth as the moniker for her new disc - is desperate to ditch her J.Lo tag so she can propel the true Jennifer into the spotlight, and bury the reputation attached to her alter-ego. She says, "I'm not J.Lo, she's not a real person. She was just a bit of fun that got really crazy. I've never been anyone but Jennifer. I was going to call the album Call Me Jennifer because that would be my way of saying goodbye to the whole J.Lo thing. But Rebirth is perfect because it means so much more."

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I love her.

Not only is she beautiful in a very real way, she's sexy as hell because she's comfortable with who she is as woman. She doesn't care that she isn't the size 1 supermodel hailed as perfection, she's got great curves and is proud of them.

That adds a whole other layer of beauty to her.


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