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Nicola Cavanis


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118208157_347757123059279_2429722174508220861_n.jpg 118198355_335465524205305_9171791168232927510_n.jpg 118261244_372391030425257_7570083750508860209_n.jpg


IG story work with Anna Rai

Louisa Models Ig story




Louisa Models Website

Not sure if they were posted before or are part of Max Liebensteins Photoshoot above






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On 8/10/2020 at 2:23 AM, emerald7 said:



117173997_795602521250146_6004832085474673679_n.jpg 117382252_633750963931124_4649611379953510867_n.jpg 117406446_295775814824838_4668224572633998024_n.jpg

nicolaca_ I’m always afraid to post pictures with less on because I don’t want to get much attention for my body. Sounds weird, maybe arrogant (omg she think she’s special 🤦🏽‍♀️), but I’m pretty sure a lot of girls know what I mean. I receive a lot of creepy messages from men, most of them are already twice as old as I am, and I hate it, because I don’t want to attract men by posting pictures, I just want to share my work I did with such amazing, talented photographers like @alexeibazdarev1 and I’m sick of trying to hide my body just because I’m afraid what other people think. I’m proud of my work and also of my body. Not because I’m special, just because I’m a women and I can do whatever I want to do if it feels right.

...morality is certainly an issue here....it has been known for a long time that:

especially American men have an allurement to the female breast....may have to do with their upbringing, a negative attachment to their mothers and/or their fathers....there is plenty of research to show the addiction to pornography by American men, also maybe to women as well....the toll it takes on models is awful....they should be proud of their bodies, but not have to deal with psychological projections of others...

....”if it feels right” (Nicola’s words)......this is a multi-national problem, perhaps made worse by the crisis the world is going through now.....we all need to feel and think about the good that people can do/must try to do....this is hopefully not seen as a neurotic proclamation by an “enlightened” soul, but simply just my opinion...so be it. Thanks!

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