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Female models - Kohl's, Macy's, Skechers; Victoria's Secret, Rose Hall, Barclay, & TRESemme

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Any attempt(s) or effort(s) to ID any of these 12 female models will be greatly well-appreciated - THANKS very much, as always!

1. Kohl's (May 2017) -


2. Macy's (May 2017) -

34945598_Macys_237.jpg 34945599_Macys_236.jpg 34945601_Macys_235.jpg

3. Kohl's (May 2017) -

34945602_Kohls_522.jpg 34945600_Kohls_524.jpg

4. Skechers (April 2017) -


5. Kohl's (May 2017) -

34944102_Kohls55.jpg 34945218_Kohls_442.jpg 34945219_Kohls_443.jpg 34945220_Kohls_444.jpg

6. Kohl's (May 2017) -

34945225_Kohls_531.jpg 34945226_Kohls_527.jpg

7. Kohl's (May 2017) -

34945590_Kohls_530.jpg 34945591_Kohls_529.jpg

UPDATE (June 27th, 2017) - Identified as Brandi Bondoc


8. Kohl's (May 2017) -


Could she possibly be Alex Hanson?

UPDATE (June 27th, 2017) - Confirmed as Alex Hanson


9. Victoria's Secret (May 2017) -

34945578_V604901.jpg 34945579_V604917_CROP3.jpg 34945580_V604892_CROP3.jpg

UPDATE (June 27th, 2017) - Identified as Zoe Barnard


10. Rose Hall (late '70's and/or early '80's) -


11. Barclay (1981) -


12. TRESemme (circa 2011) -


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update for models identified

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Thanks very much, as always, for all 3, as I've now updated accordingly.
If anyone at all has any ideas whatsoever who any of the remaining ones could possibly be, please don't hesitate to let it become known here - THANKS again!

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On 5/16/2018 at 11:02 PM, RidgewayMedia said:

#5 is Mika Van Winkle 

Yes - I've now been able to confirm that she is, so thanks very much for that one.

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