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3 Models - Anybody have an idea who they are?

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Hey there,


Would be great if someone could help me out with IDs of the three models below.


Pic 1 - appeared on the Anteprima spring show 2004

Pic 2 - 5 + 7 - pretty sure it's the same girl. no idea which show or year

Pic 6 - appeared on several swimwear shows in 2004: Aguaclara, Aquarella, Zingara, Naila, Sauvage


Thanks a lot in advance!

1.png cap_ID 10 a_00:00:03_01.jpg cap_ID 10 a_00:00:07_02.jpg cap_ID 10 b_00:00:06_01.jpg cap_ID 10 c_00:00:08_01.jpg cap_ID02 - Naila - SS2014_00:00:17_01.jpg

cap_ID 2 - ???_00:00:11_01.jpg

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