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Fem. models - Revlon, Mary Kay, Victoria's Secret, European Wax Center, JCPenney, Revitafoam, & Kohl's

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Any attempt(s) or effort(s) to ID any of these 11 female models will be greatly well-appreciated - THANKS very much, as always

1. Revlon -


2. Mary Kay -


3. Victoria's Secret PINK (April 2017) -


UPDATE (May 22nd, 2017) - Identified as Jessie Li


4. European Wax Center (April 2017) -


5. JCPenney (April 2017) -


I apologize (sorry) if she's the same one whom I've posted before

6. Revitafoam -


7. Kohl's (April 2017) -

34819016_Kohls_519.jpg 34819017_Kohls_518.jpg 34819018_Kohls_517.jpg

8. Kohl's (April 2017) -


9. Victoria's Secret PINK (April 2017) -


UPDATE (May 22nd, 2017) - Identified as Ella Rattigan


10. Unknown source (2002) -


11. Kohl's (April 2017) -


She looks as if she could possibly be Michelle Cartwright.  Is she in fact Michelle?

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models identified

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Thanks very much for those 2.  Anyone at all have any ideas whatsoever who the remaining ones could possibly be?  As always, any more suggestions will be greatly well-appreciated - THANKS very much.

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