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Female models – Target, Kohl’s, Lord & Taylor, Victoria’s Secret, Sperry, & Macy’s

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Any attempt(s) or effort(s) to ID any of these 10 female models will be greatly well-appreciated - many thanks, as always

1. Target (March 5th, 2017) -


2. Kohl's (March 2017) -


3. Lord & Taylor (March 2017) -

34517273_Lord__Taylor-2.jpg 34517276_Lord__Taylor.jpg

4. Victoria's Secret (March 2017) -


UPDATE (April 24th, 2017) - Identified as Zoe Barnard, at least very likely


5. Victoria's Secret (March 2017) -


UPDATE (April 24th, 2017) - Identified as Alanna Arrington


6. Sperry Top-Sider (April 2013) -


UPDATE (April 24th, 2017) - Identified as Juliana Mueller, at least very likely


7. Kohl's (March 2017) -


UPDATE (April 24th, 2017) - Identified as Renata Sozzi


8. Macy's (March 2017) -

34601509_Macys_231-1.jpg 34601515_Macys_230-1.jpg

UPDATE (April 24th, 2017) - Identified as Nicole Pollard


9. Kohl's (March 2017) -

34601516_Kohls_495.jpg 34601520_Kohls_492.jpg

UPDATE (May 22nd, 2017) - Identified as Jenna Just


10. Kohl's (March 2013) -


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Update for identified models

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Thanks very much, as always, for each & every suggestion, as I've now updated accordingly, although unfortunately I'm pretty sure that #9 isn't Sanne Vloet, and unfortunately #1 apparently isn't Mariah Strong, as I couldn’t even find a white female model on the Internet named Mariah Strong who has any sort of resemblance whatsoever, unless her name was misspelled.


If anyone at all has any ideas whatsoever who any of the remaining ones could possibly be, please don't hesitate to let it become known here.

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