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It is sad when people criticize, you know the girl is crazy coz calling adriana 'ugly' is the last thing you should say, i mean the word is not even in adri's dictionary,lol........

Also i believe, supermodels have a shelf line that they are hot for a moment and than they are forgotten, i hoped adriana was a movie star so she could be talked about more than she already is and we can get more news n pics of her like those overrated so called 'stars' we have who garner more publicity, who btw are not even remotely attractive than adri, her beauty is only matched by marilyn monroe and elizabeth taylor.....

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This girl just have jealous of Adriana. She feels good trying to show to others that Adriana is imperfect like her. Bad news to her... like us a lot of ppl love Adriana's imperfections!

We, and Adriana too, shouldn't give so much importance to this. This happens to Adriana all the time!

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Adriana's twitter update today: "Visiting Haiti, going to St. Damian's maternity. To give support to mother's and mothers to be."

I assume this means she's doing that as early as tomorrow, or soon? Should she be traveling this far into her pregnancy? Isn't she due in Aug/Sep.

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