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I've voiced my opinion on how negative people can get on here about Adriana even though this is a place for her fans, dizzymisslizzy, but it's never going to change. When a picture of her or something comes out that people really like then they're quiet for a little bit but then they find some little thing that bugs them and they come on here to talk about it, at great lengths, and say she is quickly losing "it". All I can say is the best thing to do is ignore it. You know you're a fan, that's all that matters.

Just keep people dizzy with the way you rock n' roll.

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I can only imagine a hour long show with Adriana in two ways:

-) no audience so the scenes can be repeated

-) she would be a second host with someone else doing 90% of talking. Something like:


- Hi! My name is Ryan Seacrest and I'm with Victoria's greatest secret

- Adriana Lima

- What are you thoughts about Milo?

- Oh, I wish he'd die in a fire.


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i've been quiet for quite sometime here and watching :ninja: . This is a place for adriana fans to come and have a general discussion, yes i've done my fair share of "negative input" on a models thread or poll, but seriously milo, every single post you have has something negative about adriana, maybe points out something in her thats a flaw, or questions her apperance change throughtout the years. it's seriously annoying. you are entitled to your opinion, but you just have to remember people that come here are for adriana and support her, and it sucks when you come on here and see soo much negativity <_< .
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Hmm, I do see your point. I guess one of my main reasons for doing it this way when I initially started the site, was that for many of the candid galleries, I had specific months and even days, I knew the dates. For most of the fashion shows, all I knew was the season they were for (ie, spring/summer 2006). So, since it seemed like a lot of work to try and hunt out specific dates for each show, I just decided to list them by season. *is lazy*

You're right about the VS shows though - I have to admit I hadn't realized that yet lol! The last one should, for example, be in the 2008 category...hmm.

OK - I kinda do want to put them in by date now, you've convinced me. But, I don't have the time right now to hunt out dates for the shows I have listed. Does anyone here want to give me a hand with it? Compile a list of dates for the shows, and I'll re-categorize them by the date they took place instead of the season? :)

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