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2018 SI Swimsuit

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2 hours ago, hauteheart said:

You can get to the Intimates videos of Sailor, Bianca, Myla, Kate U and W, Barbara, Chase, Danielle, Hailey, and Lais on the website. Go here https://www.si.com/swim-daily/2018/02/07/in-her-own-words-sports-illustrated-swimsuit

and just keep clicking next. I am sure more will be added.

There's no next for me


Btw in evey profile there's a new pic..Kate looks amazing like the best eeeeeevvvveeeer oooommmmggggg 

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Been clicking next for an hour...I've seen Tambria 7 times, and a one-legged model 4 times...still no Barbara or Robin. They are probably fixing the rotation to make sure those that no one wants to see are getting video clicks.


I'm not trying to be mean...but damnit, this is the SI Swimsuit Issue! That should mean something. It used to...


I long for the days of Brooklyn and Bar.

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1 minute ago, ILUVAdrianaLima said:


Not yet, just picturing how bad it will be :rofl:


Oh, thought you had some inside information or something.  :D:rofl: 


Some of the new pics they posted on the models profiles look OK so far.  

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