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do you believe in ghosts ?

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whats your opinion ..  

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  1. 1. do you believe in ghosts ?

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i believe in god. is he a ghost? :ninja:

Nope. We can't know what God exactly is, but we can know what he isn't, and he's defenitely not a ghost.

really :p maybe god is only a creation of our heads which want to make our life easier :idk: nevertheless it's good that he exists ^^

still believe in ghosts ^^

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If you can't know what exactly God is, then you can't know that God is definitely not a ghost.

God is not a ghost. Both are creations of human mind having different purpose.

People believe in ghosts because they want to believe dead people aren't "gone" but their spirit may stay around guiding or haunting us. So it's basically believing in afterlife.

People believe in God because they find comfort in believing such a supreme being is behind everything and everything has a well-planned reason. Even if God existed for real people would still believe in him because of this need of comfort, not because he exists.

I don't believe in ghosts nor God, I find my comfort worshipping In

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People believe in God because they find comfort in believing such a supreme being is behind everything and everything has a well-planned reason

Even I'm not talking about a "personalized" god (like God, Jahve or Alah), God must exist, he is the first or "unmovable" mover. See, every single being what exists has it's cause. For example: Me and you, or any other person is the consequence of his/her parents. No material being can be its cause and its consequence at the same time. But when we look better and when we begin questioning about the genesis, about the begining of life and universe, we can't no-longer believe that this cause-effect-chain goes in infinitum. This even have to admit the grimmest materialists. Today the majority of scientists believe in the "Big Bang" theory, and until now no-one can give a reasonable explanation to this occurrence without talking about God. So God exists that's certain, but the true question is: What is God like? Is he like in the Bible, Kuran etc... or is he like Aristotles described: The unmovable mover who just gave the first impulse and after that he doesn't meddle with the "ordinary" world. Boy oh boy, so may questions... but so little knowledge and opportunities to know more (Life is f*ucking short)!

Here comes the more "ethic" part

You also said ppl believe in God because of "comfort", quite the contrary, the life of an orthodox christian, moslem or jew I wouldn't describe as a "comfort" (if you know what i'm talking about). Isn't it easier just to abandon God and to live like you want? Look I'd also like that there's nothing after death, life could be so easy and enjoyable. But damn... somehow I know it can't be like that, it's only a boundary (death)... I'd say ppl who don't believe in God are looking for comfort, they are looking for an exculpation for their maybe not so moral doings. Because if there isn't God, ppl can do anything they want, I really mean anything... and in the end we all would be dead and that's it. But it isn't like that... you know what I'm talking about... moral, the inner voice and stuff like that. Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to say that every atheist is a sinner. I know atheists who are better ppl than so-called "believers".

Anyway, even from a rational and scientifical point of view God does exists (it's not only about ethic). Aristotles proved it thousands of years ago with his Metaphysic, even Einstein, who developed the Theory of Relativity, believed in God. Always have on your mind that i am talking about God as a philosophically princip.

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