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Jo Kelley

Vogue Girl

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US Elle April 1987
Shine Makers
Photographer: Marc Hispard
Models: Jeny Howorth, Jo Kelly, Louise Vyent, Naomi Campbell, Estelle Lefebure & Unknown
Stylist: Harriet Mays
Hair: Odile Gilbert
Makeup: Laura Mercier



Scanned by kelles @ tfs

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US Elle December 1986
Modern Alchemy
Photographer: Gilles Bensimon
Models: Jo Kelly, Heidi Komarek, Gail & Denise O'Neill & Unknown
Stylists: Harriet Mays & Joanna McCoy
Hair: Didier Malige & Pascal Cruzq
Makeup: Mariella Smith-Masters & Marine Guillermot

elle_us_dec_1986_6.jpg elle_us_dec_1986_7.jpg elle_us_dec_1986_8.jpg elle_us_dec_1986_9.jpg elle_us_dec_1986_10.jpg elle_us_dec_1986_11.jpg 


Scanned by kelles @ tfs

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US Elle February 1989

Photographers: Gilles Bensimon & Oliviero Toscani
Models: Jo Kelly, Sebastian, Famke Janssen, Elle MacPherson, Jeny Howorth, Beverly Peele & Unknown 
Stylist: Fanny Pagniez
Hair: Yannick d'Is & Aldo Coppola
Makeup: Marie-Josée Lafontaine & Lloyd Simmonds

us_elle_feb_1989_36.jpg us_elle_feb_1989_37.jpg us_elle_feb_1989_39.jpg us_elle_feb_1989_40.jpg us_elle_feb_1989_41.jpg us_elle_feb_1989_42.jpg us_elle_feb_1989_43.jpg us_elle_feb_1989_44.jpg us_elle_feb_1989_45.jpg


Scanned by kelles @ tfs

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