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Darla Baker


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Hey guys, I need your help.

Do we have anyone in the US that would be willing to have Darla's 2004 Yipes! Catalogue mailed to them and scan the images for us? The catalogue would be mailed directly to you from the Yipes! Company for free. They were kind enough to get the photographer's permission to post the images on her fansite and even kinder to offer to send me a copy of the catalogue. My mailman squashes all our mail into our tiny p.o. box and I don't want to risk receiving a crumpled version of a catalogue that is out of print, as well as the fact that I don't have a scanner. Anyone in the US that would be willing to help me out in receiving and scanning the images would be greatly appreciated!

I believe this catalogue IS Darla's earliest work. Yipes! told me that this is where she started, and it is because of Seth Aaron Henderson, the future winner of project runway and the stylist for this catalogue, that Darla got her start as a model :)

PLEASE pm me if you can have the catalogue mailed to you. I can give you the email address of the person who replied to me from Yipe's, and you can give them your mailing address directly, without having to go through me, that way your address stays confidential.

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