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The greatest Models' challenge

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~~LoLz~~ :laugh: my boo-- Ana! hands down! :evil: that girl Doutzen is cute-- but she can only dream to look as HOT as Ana :drool:

Ana has got the most unique look--her face bone structure--her eyes! DAMN!!! :wub: and Ana has got the most banging body i've ever seen on a female!

i've never seen a female that looks as HOT as Ana! and probably never will-- not in my lifetime! ~LolZ~ :evil:

Thug Life

livin in tha belly of the beast


Peace yall ;)

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I don't know how to delete posts I'm not a mod. :p

but I think we all know how they look and whoever comes to vote thinks what sde to choose, nobody goes- "whatever, I'll vote for the firs/last..." without knowing who they are... :laugh:

and BTW - I voted for Doutzen, I hope that was clear enough. :laugh:

oh really we can't delete posts here i have forgotten it, sorry

oh great so i looked for pics in vain that means

oh Sahara, oh dear you allways are able to hold me down

off-topic : do you know linor abargil?


no, who's that? :p

you are from israel and don't know her , right?

haha that means she isn't even famous :laugh:


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are you all crazy?????

crazy and blind???

ANA is a godess.....

there is nobody more beautiful than ana in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!

:heart: of course my vote goes to the one and only ANA! :heart:

oh god how i hate posts like that! no i'm not crazy and no i'm not blind i just have an OPINION and in MY opinion ana doesn't match up to doutzen in any way shape or from. now you're free to disagree which i know you obviously will but what in the world gives you the right to put down people who's opinion is different fron yours? seriously, you can go on supporting ana and that's fine but saying that someone who didn't vote for her is basically an idiot comes off as being very immature. have respect people, it's just a competition and there's no need to be offensive to other members. at the end of that day does it REALLY matter who wins this? this is just for fun and entertainment so please keep it polite. i'm sure your world will no go crashing down on you if ana loses, so plase be nice next time. thanks

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