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Renata Calheiros


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Renata is a model from Brasil. She has "the" green eyes.

Renata Calheiros4.jpgRenata Calheiros3.jpg

Renata Calheiros2.jpgRenata Calheiros.jpg




She's like this:

  • hair brown
  • eyes green
  • height 172cm/5'7.5"
  • bust 80cm/31.5"B
  • waist 59cm/23"
  • hips 87cm/34.5"
  • shoes 37 EU/6 US/4 UK


Her agencies are:

- Way models São Paulo

- Karin models Paris

- Modelwerk Hamburg

- Nevs models London

- Look models Mexico

- Francina models Barcelona

- Tolos Models Warsaw

- Dominique Models Brussels


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Renata for "Magee 1886" (an Irish clothing brand ; I love Ireland, people are nice there. This brand makes good clothes, a bit formal, but nice)

When the pretty green-eyed Brazilian Renata meets an Irish brand, it makes great pictures. Here they are:


Renata Calheiros magee 1866l.jpgRenata Calheiros magee 1866.jpgRenata Calheiros magee 1866c.jpg

Renata Calheiros magee 1866f.jpg Renata Calheiros magee 1866g.jpg Renata Calheiros magee 1866h.jpg Renata Calheiros magee 1866d.jpg Renata Calheiros magee 1866e.jpg
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