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Victoria's Secret Angels Challenge - RESULTS


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How The Competition Was Scored


The scores were based on the following phases:

1. Rate Your Angels
2. Pulling Rank
3. Clipping Wings 


There were 3 bonus points phases. The main purpose was to help the low scorers gain a few extra points and to confirm some of the results of the scoring phases:

4. Points of Interest 
5. There is no "I" in Team 
6. Angel versus Angel 


I will be posting the results of the following within the next few days:

- Overall Combined Scores
- Individual Scores (Beauty, Sexiness, Brand, Versatility) 
- Likability
- Dream Angels


Scores are out of 100. Let's start with the obvious highest overall scorer so we could get that out of the way and concentrate on the interesting stuff! :D 

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Results for Overall Scores will be posted from highest to lowest.Scores are out of 100. The score in parentheses is without bonus points. Also included are the categories the Angel individually scored highest and lowest in. The scores of all the Angels for the individual categories will be posted at a later time. 



1. Candice Swanepoel


SCORE: 81.95 (81.66)


LOWEST: Likability


Note: Candice might have been the overall highest scorer but she did NOT get the the top spot in all the individual categories or phases :no2: Let's take a moment to congratulate Candice...YAY :ddr:...WOOHOO:chicken:...Ok, moving on :p... 

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