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Fendi magazine

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Hi guys, here some covers of turkish Fendi magazine. Anyone can ID the girls? Thanks

1463466_465072757016737_6095848041724224688_n.jpg 1918823_467270586796954_3201102728628477403_n.jpg 10733387_394817457375601_7337144454615679305_o.jpg 11062790_426338834223463_2071738460397126741_n.jpg 12020000_442418492615497_1339160093105244667_n.jpg 12065505_441771589346854_1568697584761770911_n.jpg 12189755_449670448556968_3567616502660352340_n.jpg 12814073_488047911385888_7702979301284800184_n.jpg 12932804_501242970066382_2130050117788022137_n.jpg

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1. ?

2. Hilary Duff

3. ?

4. Yara Khmidan

5. Margot Robbie

6. Kate Grigorieva

7. Sigrid Agren

8. Emily DiDonato

9. Olivia Mink


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these are syndicated images. 




3 is an image from this Australian brand that also is located in Turkey. They are based out of Melbourne. It might be Victoria Lee but not 100% about that.


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