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The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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Megan's outfit in BNA is very classy, I like it and it looks god on her :angel: Same with Secret Angel, both are on point for me.

Same with Jordana moving around those fringes and enjoying the moment.

Why do they ruin the "normal" Devon's outfit with that... wingy-thing...?

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All the kendall's hate.. kind of stupid.... her outfit is amazing and so she is in it. This hate is like nonsens.. considering her modeling career, like it or not, she deserves her place more than some others... (and yeaaah, i got it, it's because of her family, fact is she's not the first one not the last one and if she didn't got a little something, she wouldn't be there so just get over it. All cheering Bella and Gigi like they are known because of her talent, yeaaah.. Family isn't inclued in that... same for delevingne.. so stop this hypocrisy when it comes to her, it's boring.)

 Anyway, not a big fan of bella, it's fade... she's fade, but for Gigi Hadid I always liked the spark she has and the "california blond girl" thing about her.  

I'm so in love with taylor and skriver, they killed it ! and even with her baby face, Taylor has definitely something strong and Sexy!! and Adriana what a shaaape!! i missed seeing her like that, she's glowing. (kind of remember me the vsfs 2005... the best year for her in my opinion)
i was cheering most of all ELSA AND ROMEE which are my favorites thoses times... since my candice is in motherhood. 
The fantasy bra really fits Jasmine, she was the perfect choice! and as always, amazing body....
oh gosh i miss so much my Candice, it is not the same excitement for me this year, can't wait last year to see her back.. (yes haters, i love you.) 

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They covered Lais's body in DA... again... ok VS, ok. Anyway I like the look and the wings are pretty.

Same for Sui He, she looks amazing and I love that sexy outfit in contrast with her pale skin.

I like Leomie's outfit in SA too, that shade of green suits her..,

Fuck Elsa's outfits this year, for real. Too much going on. It could have been awesome but the DA one is tragic for me as well as the TRA one. 

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