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The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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2 minutes ago, Likaa said:

Maybe it's her last year in the show


4 minutes ago, Rca said:

I really don't understand why VS chose Joan to close a segment over an angel. Laís opened a segment in 2013 because she injured her ankle in 2012, Iza closed FT in 2014 because it was her 10th show and Lindsey closed GA as a farewell... so why did Joan close a segment? :idk:

Lily Aldridge closed the show, not Joan

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4 minutes ago, PastaFreak said:


You know what. I'm calling it a night  :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: . Send me some pics of Sui, will you? Asking a favor from you cause you care about me,  :rofl: .


Ahahahaha. You're probably lucky escaping all the chaos and when you wake up you'll find all models with a seperate thread and HQ photos.

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4 minutes ago, Kallisti said:

She had always ""big"" lips... is just her make up on this year and part of 2015, I think. Her make up crew just throw pink lipgloss and dark linner to overdraw it. 

I see no differences on her lips and she killed it :D

Perfect choice to lead finale with Adri.


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1 minute ago, RaffyPooh said:

If that's true I'm glad she got out quick, like he didn't know what he was signing up for? What an asshole. Good riddance, glad she found someone new that supports her career.

When she started her modeling career, there is scanned article in her rtvgames thread, he was her boyfriend at a time, and even then he said that he is against her modeling, especially if clothes are revealing.

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22 minutes ago, gotportugal said:


Love this picture :wub:


I don't see anything different with Elsa's lips. Her lip liner is just overdrawn with a darker shade then her lip gloss and natural lip color. Her makeup artist has been doing this for awhile now. Plus she making a duckface, so they appear even bigger.

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