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The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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Ed is telling the truth about 2014. He did in fact invite her to be in the London show months ahead. I can't remember where I read it but it happened and she was shooting Paper Towns. We were all wondering if she was gonna make

it but she didn't.


The Sun article is all bs. Do the girls train hard and work out like crazy yes. But VS will never ask them to starve themselves. It's apart of the models job to look at her absolute best. Not only are they selling lingerie but they sell workout gear too. I mean really that thing Kylie is mentioned in the article AGAIN. Notice how she seems to always pop up when it's the fashion show time?


Erin's is old news when she was an angel is when they started doing the VSX line intensely. If she is doing intense workouts and then not wanting to eat she ain't working out enough. Because if you're doing the level of training that these girls do you have to eat a lot. Candice has mentioned she eats so much to keep up with the training. Jasmine works out non stop and eats a lot. Fucks sake she was eating a burger at her fitting lol. :rofl:

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22 minutes ago, tycotyco said:

Just find this on instagram Screenshot_2016-11-04-12-24-35.png




I think I just threw up a little bit.

Not over the possibility of seeing Cara on the runway again, but over the fact that Ed is literally kissing Cara's butt in this letter.


Seriously embarrassing for a 50 somewhat guy...


And it shows once again that insta fame seems to be more important than model qualities nowadays.

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