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The 2016 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show


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4 minutes ago, Miss_Vogue said:

That's why Flavia Lucini was my fav newbie last year, she was sexy and didn't blow kisses and pose like crazy

I agree, they just get to the end blow kisses and that's it, okay i know it's a signature on VSFS, every single one of them do it!

I'm watching the old VSFS and dying 

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1 minute ago, peroxideblonde said:

why you all want Bruno/Rihanna/Ariana etc back? i want NEW performers, not the same again!

I don't want any performer back, i would prefer only one amazing performer and amazing remixes :D , but we know vs lately like to bring performers back(they're so predictable)


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20 minutes ago, leslea said:

IDR which show had the sideways runway, but that's where it all started going downhill for me lol. It's been up and down but 2005 + 2006 were pinnacle. 

I agree with you, 2005 and 2006 were the best ones, from line-up, music, outfits, nothing can top those two shows in my eyes. After 2010 all the shows blend into one for me :unsure:

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