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I'm getting a shuffle tomorrow, one of the little tiny new ones, guys gonna give it to me for $40 because he got it as a gift or something and already has a better one, but I'll be prepared to give feedback on it once I've used it.

Speaking of which, anyone have any clue on how I can get this thing to play through my car speakers? Car came with a shitty tape deck, so I'm thinking maybe they still make those little tapes you put in, and it hooks into your head phone jack on your iPod or whatever, but I don't feel like looking at the moment. I figure I can use it instead of going out and getting a new cd deck for the car.

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I think there is 2 main options, the option that you mentioned which is like 8 bucks here


or you could do the FM tuner thingys which I think is more convenient since you could technically take it to another car (since most cars these days dont got cassette players) or a friends house or whatever and play the music there, although last time i checked i think they were like 30+ bucks.

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what does everyone think of the new shuffles and nanos

I thought what a letdown, release the REAL ipod video (the whole face is a LCD that is a touch screen) and the iPhone dammit :trout:

not these minor upgrades of products, I guess we will have to wait till the next mac confrence in December *sigh*

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Yeah, I ended up opting for one of those tape deck accessories, apparently the sound quality isn't as good as the fm tuner ones, but I haven't got the cash to be all too picky just yet.

As far as how the shuffle works, it seems durable at least, I've already dropped it a few times on the concrete, seems fine, pretty much your basic tinier version of the iPods already out there. Works for what I need it for though.

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