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3 hours ago, tacrn said:


Ya I think Marsnoop is right.  It does look like Russell James.  Everything I've found he's been mentioned next to the image.  Here's a larger size but it looks like it's just been blown up from a smaller one so the quality isn't good.




If these were posted around the time it was released then it is probably somewhere around 2009





Thanks--what a beautiful picture of her in the red dress with the flowers. I still wish we could find it high res :(

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Oh by the way, while we're talking about Russell James--I've seen so much less of Alessandra in the scans from the Angels book than other VS models. What's up with that? Just see his thread here. Where is she? Only pic of her from Angeles I ever see is that one with her arms crossed and hair blowing ... anyone know if there's more??



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3 hours ago, Rdawkins04 said:

There are numerous pictures from her in the new angels book but not many people are willing to scan a book they payed $1500 for 

That's understandable. However, many people have posted pictures from the book, and she seems strangely absent from them. So either she's not prominently featured in the book, or people are just going out of their way to especially not post her pictures .... hmmmm.

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Source: V Magazine (V118) Spring 2019 Issue, "A Cut Above" UHQ






Caption: "Finding my inner peace and balance between work and personal life has allowed me to create a positive, nurturing environment for my family and those I surround myself with." - Alessandra Ambrosio



Caption: "[This year] I'm honing my entrepreneurial skills by launching a lifestyle brand. [We want] to inspire other women to attain the confidence to reach their true selves." - Alessandra Ambrosio

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A couple pics of Ale in december 2013


2yod0v9I_o.jpg bI8DgJiY_o.jpg SnOqrcEl_o.jpg GArpTdNn_o.jpg


Now, Ale on february 2014

XU3W5HLq_o.jpg bJvxEfJ0_o.jpg GhlUp2pT_o.jpg


The implants are pretty obvious. Breasts are rounder, fuller and skin is very tight. After feeding two kids, it was a great choice. She gained a lot of confidence and is showing the girls very often. I think they look great on her frame, but have a pretty fake appareance.

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