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The only place I ever go that 1) Has an opinion on Chrissy, 2) Is negative, is here. Within the mainstream she seems plenty popular? That's always been the case as I've seen it.


I doubt it's going to change.

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18 hours ago, Prettyphile said:

Bo will grow on you, mark my words! :Angel:  Just like people weren't down with Emily Rata, Chrissy, or Nina, and now people love them.  Normally Bo doesn't look bad at all.


I can't even understand what Bo says so it doesn't help her case tbh. So unless she proves to have kickassk recipes like Chrissy or a kickass stylist + great personality like EmRata then I doubt I'll ever like Bo, her face is just a no-go, I just really really dislike her more and more with every picture/interview I see:ninja: 


And I've always been a huge fan of Nina tbh, been rooting for her since she first showed up a billion years ago before SI :heart: 

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Posting this here because I am so underwhelmed by 2016 that I feel like sharing my ideas




Girls I'd keep around:
Nina Agdal

esNuNYAC.jpg zoirg2ak.jpg

Hannah Davis

upvEzpXc.jpg n1umKeJg.jpg

Hannah Ferguson

fyNRuIek.jpg QAGfVjCy.jpg

Hailey Clauson

OsnTTumN.jpg kqlQHyww.jpg

Rose Bertram

fJiBvJMb.jpg bZ2XtwTw.jpg

Emily Didonato

tN4e08y2.jpg wTy0YmsR.jpg


Barbara Palvin

0IQvjctc.jpg LM3GwX8R.jpg


New adds: - Fun Fact, most of these girls had Casting Calls yet we got one of the most unimpressive rookie classes ever ahead of us lolz

Alexandria Morgan
ppkDZnOb.jpg IsOeKx3f.jpg


Alexis Ren

Gn5BMAH3.jpg emVgxFso.jpg


Carmella Rose

XQEhER8s.jpg Gjvmqt3H.jpg


Cami Morrone
yLqKcsb4.jpg V6QCTsmS.jpg


Daniela Lopez Osorio

F1pIrqZy.jpg kBeF5OkY.jpg


Elsa Hosk

KRKr5TEi.jpg KP5ZQcmC.jpg


Gigi Paris

mzXVctyK.jpg M2pdoT3U.jpg


Jasmine Tookes

DQ2k1glT.jpg L4Xj3Rjw.jpg


Kelly Gale

HVspP5CD.jpg 8XnYTnBM.jpg


Lais Ribeiro

dXtH3DfQ.jpg JYdxGWVS.jpg


Sandra Kubicka

Qvor1a30.jpg S6Wzf5Vu.jpg


Yulia Rose 

6xjr6KZ3.jpg AMN470ao.jpg


Ben Watts
James Maccari
David Bellemere
Guy Aroch
Kayt Jones

Sante D'Orazio



Bariloche - Argentina












































Canaima - Venezuela

ZXAkMAky.jpg IckuaJhW.jpg ijRHybZd.jpg XbLmR0FX.jpg BENcZymS.jpg


Ha Long Bay - Vietnam












































Laponia - Finland (During winter so you can make sure there's some kickass Northern lights in the background)





























Machu Picchu & Camino del Inca - Perú











































Varadero & La Habana - Cuba


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Those locations are AWESOME! And so are many of your choices (like Carmella, Camila, Alexis, Sandra, Yulia, Elsa), but I would love to see also Clara Alonso, McKenna Berkley, Natalie Morris and Brooke Buchanan among the models.

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I dig your 2017 selections @Clauds.


The only thing I worry about is not getting the best version of Alexandria Morgan we can get. :(

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A rookie class with Kelly Gale, Daniela Lopez Osorio, Lais Ribeiro and Yulia Rose would be fine with me though I could do without Elsa and Alexandria. But if the other 4 were there I could give a shit about the rest. Add in Yara Khmidan, Sofija Milosevic and Shanina Shaik and I'd be in dreamland.


Veterans I'd get rid of would be Lily, Erin, Sam, Kate Bock, Hailey (obviously she'll be back but she never should've gotten the cover), Chrissy and Robin for sure. I would enjoy Nina getting booted just b/c her fans can be so annoying at times and it would be funny to see them flip out.

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SI because you suck a picking locations each year, here you go. :)


Iceland's Blue Lagoon

ca4210465268798.jpg 0a9c93465268799.jpg


The Subway, Zion National Park Utah

dce7d6465268859.jpg 0f8ca9465268860.jpg  b85183465268861.jpg


Cascate del Mulino, Saturnia, Italy

0f45f6465268935.jpg e46f33465268938.jpg 1454ae465268939.jpg


Antelope Canyon, Arizona, United States

b8a33e465269083.jpg bec7b3465269086.jpg

9d1f77465269087.jpg 2be86c465269089.jpg


Pamukkale Hot Springs, Turkey

1be043465269168.jpg 09aecd465269169.jpg 34c9e8465269170.jpg


The Roman Baths, Bath, England

cfd3d5465269217.jpg 89b1ce465269218.jpg 2c7cd5465269219.jpg


The Hidden Canyons of the Blue Mountains, Australia

c2f363465269287.jpg 00d1c7465269289.jpg

9950ff465269291.jpg 82c7da465269293.jpg


Witches Gulch, Wisconsin

f1e565465269405.jpg 551fde465269408.jpg 80e2db465269409.jpg

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand (+ Glow and the dark body paint and neon bikinis = WIN)

863cc3465269543.jpg 6ff735465269545.jpg 9ed5c7465269547.jpg


Cave Of Crystals, Mexico

acfd40465269656.jpg b76382465269658.jpg


Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, China

11f1fa465269747.jpg e98712465269748.jpg

30377e465269749.jpg cd3462465269751.jpg


Vatnajokull Glacier Cave, Iceland

93e8d6465270920.jpg f08d4e465270921.jpg


Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

722b4d465269802.jpg 79b7e7465269803.jpg ae0247465269806.jpg


Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas

fd9457465269872.jpg 910fd0465269873.jpg 4ad0f9465269875.jpg


Gulpiyuri Beach, Llanes, Spain

719a1e465269977.jpg 8fd2f3465269978.jpg 7a0cd1465269981.jpg


Vik Beach, Iceland

825953465270115.jpg 10bec8465270116.jpg 9a034c465270117.jpg


Vaadhoo Island in the Maldive (+ Glow in the dark paints and bikinis)

3e9b2d465270254.jpg 077fd9465270256.jpg e84945465270258.jpg


Cano Cristales, Colombia

2e5f2a465270392.jpg be194c465270394.jpg 7f4da7465270396.jpg


Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

526432465270483.jpg b11485465270485.jpg f88efe465270487.jpg


Angkor Wat, Cambodia

6483b5465270695.jpg 4fc742465270699.jpg

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1 hour ago, GOAT said:

Dani Lopez, Yara, Solveig, Bryana Holly, and Cami Morrone need to be in the issue next year.


No, who?, yes, no, yes

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2 hours ago, Prettyphile said:

Witches Gulch, Wisconsin

f1e565465269405.jpg 551fde465269408.jpg 80e2db465269409.jpg



Yes. Shoot here. Then after you're done, the models can come over to my family's lake house for a slumber party.

This place is so bad ass, especially the haunted tours around Halloween

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I can't imagine Cambodia letting SI shoot swimsuit models in Angkor. Machu Picchu seems rather unlikely as well. But SI could definitely do better with some of their locations.

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Film everything on a green screen at Star Wars locations. Get Disney to pay for it. Do a promotional tie-in. Have alternate covers with models in cosplay. 


Alternatively the same thing, but with Marvel Cinematic Universe.


Get on the nerd pop culture money train while it's still chugging. Get covered by geek and film websites in addition to the sports ones. 




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