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Prayer Request

Guest MissIsabella

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Guest MissIsabella

I know there are sometimes where I need some help for the guy or women up above and it helps to know other people do too. So I thought I would create this thread for people whowould like topost things that thye are praying for or woul;d like you to pray for them about. I know God has gotten me through many times and I hope other people go through this too!

My prayer today is nt to beat this girl butt at school!

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If you can play Halo (1) well, you'll be ok... But Halo 2 - The biggest thing is to know everything about the map like liquid - For example: in Ivory Tower, I move about it with supreme grace, because I know where every gun and every vantage point is... and how to exploit every one of them... Thats my favorite level for tearing s**t up

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