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Wondering how/why there is no mention of Marisa Papen anywhere on Bellazon.


From MarisaPapen.com:



First of all, welcome everybody to my personal page.
My name is Marisa Papen,
Free-spirited, wildhearted expressionist. 
On this site I try to show you a printscreen of my values, vision and 'vista' in life.
It's my goal to take you with me to my own world, the 'Island' as I'm labeling it.
It is a place where people are part of Nature itself,
Where they shouldn't be afraid to express who they really are,
Where they stay true to their own instinct,
Where you can be authentic pure, and uncorrupted by society.

For now I'm based in Belgium, but I'll be tiptoeing throughout the world to show you how beautiful 'the Island'-way of life can be.

Feel free to join my journey here and on my IG-account or in short period of time, on our interactive website of the 'Mush-label'.
To be continued...

Thanks for the love,



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Mega Babe


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