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Miss Popularity... RESULTS


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We've all seen the different competitions, head to head pairings or rankings that showcase the model of the moment, or the team. But where do they stack up when you combine the two. A single winner and a team. Who contributes the most. Can one single person carry an entire team.

Here we find out. There are 150 models, ranging from newcomers, to seasoned veterans. The quote on quote top, and women who have barely scratched the surface in the industry. All randomly grouped into a team of three women. Each team will go against every single other team.
But not only is this a competition of teams, where you vote for your favorite team, but you're also voting for your favorite model. So which becomes more important, winning as a team, or being the overall victor.
With each group of six girls there were will be a total of 15 points to be distributed. You can give one girl all 15, or multiple girls a combination of votes, but it MUST total 15. Not 10, not 1, not 14.
At the end of the competition we will see which team reigns supreme, but we will also see where the girls ranked based on total accumulated points.

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Problem with a body shot is not every model has them are they're newer to modeling,

I'll give you guys the nominations list in a few. I will not post the pairings though, you'll just have to wait for them.


I almost want to say a candid picture whether it be from instagram, or an event photo might be enough? What do you think? It'll allow me to do more then one grouping at a time so the come goes by faster.

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