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Female models - Kohl's, JCPenney, Hanes, Victoria's Secret, Macy's, Tanger Outlets, & TRESemmé

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Any attempt(s) or effort(s) to ID any of these 10 female models will be greatly well-appreciated - many thanks, as always.

1. Kohl's (July 2015) -

23725291_Kohls_273.jpg 23743478_Kohls_275.jpg

UPDATE (Sept. 26th, 2015) - Identified as almost certainly Izzy Marshall


2. JCPenney (July 2015) -

23725690_JCPenney_78-1.jpg 23725689_JCPenney_77-1.jpg

3. Hanes (Ultimate Cotton Full Zip Hooded Sweatshirt) (July 2015) -


4. Victoria's Secret (July 2015) -

23725688_Victorias_Secret_5.jpg 23725691_20150727_0729_VSS_PFSRB_05.jpg

I'm not completely sure it's the same model in both pics, but if not, then I would like to know who both are.


UPDATE (Sept. 26th, 2015) - The one on the left Identified as Josephine Skriver, & the one on the right identified as very likely Victoria Lee

5. Kohl's (July 2015) -


6. Kohl's (July 2015) -


7. Kohl's (July or August 2015) -


8. Macy's (July 2015) -


UPDATE (Sept. 26th, 2015) - Identified as Lada Kravchenko


9. Tanger Outlets (July 2015) -


UPDATE (Sept. 26th, 2015) - Identified as Talia Richman


10. TRESemmé (July or August 2015) -


I don't necessarily find her esp. attractive, but she looks very familiar to me, and I just can't seem to remember where else I've seen her.  Anyone have any idea(s) whatsoever?


UPDATE (Sept. 26th, 2015) - Identified as Sarah Ann Macklin

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4 - girl on left is Josephine Skriver & girl on right is Victoria Lee (I think :))

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Sorry about taking so long to eventually reply, as is often the case with me, unfortunately, but thanks very much for all those suggestions.  I've finally been able to confirm that each is correct, except for the one on the right in #4 being Victoria Lee, which is likely still correct but the only one that I'm not sure about - it's hard to tell, unfortunately.  Anyway, thanks very much again, as always.

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That's fine, just be sure to update the original post with the ID'ed models, it would make it easier to know who needs IDing.  Also, you can add any future unknown Macy IDs to this thread.

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Thanks very much for all suggestions, & have now updated my original posting accordingly.  Again, thanks very much as always.

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