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Hilary Rhoda


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I used to visit Tori Praver's and Hilary Rhoda's site whenever possible. :)

Then I felt I only had time to visit Tori's site. But this past Thanksgiving, I drove through Bethesda, MD, Hilary's hometown I think, and then got home only to see her appear in an Estee Lauder tv ad. It only took me a second at the ad's beginning to ID her. She has that certain je ne sais quoi to be distinct from the rest of her colleagues. Anyway, what a nice coincidence and timing for me to drive through Bethesda/Chevy Chase and see her on TV! :p

She is so gorgeous. She has a cute air about her, and a patrician air, too--not easy to combine. I am wondering why R Lauren and C Klein don't pick her up for that preppy look. Maybe they have, and I am just behind. :whistle:

I don't think I need to say more than just that she has great facial bones, great musculature, and great athletic bones covered by flawless skin! And those eyes. . . :drool:

Now, I have to go back through Hilary's BZ pages and see all the amazing stuff that has happened to her and look at amazing photographs of her! :blush:

Good luck with holiday shopping/activities! :wave:

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