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Female models - Kohl's, Stein Mart, JCPenney, Sports Authority, Physicians Formula, Murad, Pond's, etc.

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Any attempt(s) or effort(s) to ID any of these 12 or 13 female models will be greatly well-appreciated - many thanks, as always.

1. Kohl's (May 2015) -

post-49607-0-1445993371-77388_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993371-7953_thumb.jpg

2. Stein Mart (May 2015) -


3. JCPenney (May 2015) -

post-49607-0-1445993371-8134_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993371-82873_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993371-8364_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993371-84076_thumb.jpg

4. JCPenney (May 2015) -


Could she possibly be the same one as #3 above?

5. Sports Authority (May 2015) -


6. Physicians Formula (Radiant Defense) (May or June 2015) -


7. Kohl's (May 2015) -

post-49607-0-1445993371-87067_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993371-88013_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993371-88901_thumb.jpg

8. Kohl's (May 2015) -

post-49607-0-1445993371-89581_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993371-9073_thumb.jpg

9. unknown source (May 2015) -


10. unknown source (May 2015) -


11. unknown source (May 2015) -


12. Murad (Invisiblur Perfecting Shield) (May or June 2015) -


13. Pond's (Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream) (May or June 2015) -


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Thanks very much for each of those suggestions - I've now been able to confirm that fortunately each one seems to be pretty much correct, esp. Talita Correa as #9.


If anyone whatsoever has any other ideas at all who the others may be, esp. the ones posted near the top, as I tend to post my most important ones near the top, it'll all be greatly well-appreciated - thanks, as always!

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On 3/5/2020 at 5:41 PM, kimflorida said:

3. and 4. Emily Williams


Oh, kimflorida, THANK YOU, THANK YOU so very much!  I had been wondering who she (Emily W.) is for years, and THANKS very much for your ID on Anna Cywinska as well!

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