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Fem. models - JCPenney, Sears, Depend, NextIssue.com, Michael Kors, IdealImage.com, etc.

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Any attempt(s) or effort(s) to ID any of these 12 female models will be greatly well-appreciated - many thanks, as always.

1. JCPenney (April 2015) -

post-49607-0-1445993334-73516_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993334-74295_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993334-75044_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993334-75746_thumb.jpg

2. Sears (April 2015), the one on the right in the 1-piece -


3. Depend (Silhouette Active Fit underwear) (April or May 2015) -

post-49607-0-1445993334-77055_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993334-77696_thumb.jpg

4. NextIssue.com magazines (April or May 2015) -


Could she possibly be Samantha Tannehill?  Or maybe even Ana Lisboa?

5. Michael Kors (May 2015) -


6. Rhonda Shear's Ahh Bra (Dec. 2011) -


7. IdealImage.com (May 2015) -


8. IdealImage.com (May 2015) -


9. IdealImage.com (May 2015) -


10. Sears (Nov./Dec. 2011) -

post-49607-0-1445993334-86883_thumb.jpg post-49607-0-1445993334-88389_thumb.jpg

Could she possibly be Victoria Smith ( http://www.maxtalent.com/models/model.cfm/Victoria-Smith/0/id/481; http://lockemanagement.com/view/133/victoria-s; http://www.lookmodelagency.com/portfolio.aspx?nav=1&subnav=14&subid=3813&mainsubid=3813&sexid=2&modelid=136183 )?

11. Sears (Dec. 2010) -


12. Sears (early 2013) -


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Thanks very much for each of those - I've now been able to confirm that #12 is undoubtedly Lane Lindell, #5 is certainly Karmen Pedaru, & #4 is likely Samantha Tannehill.

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