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could someone find #2 commercial. I don't like the angle of her face. its too hard for me to tell who it is.

I found:

The Commercial at "Scarlett".



The info I got with the commercials are "Director : Stephen Mead, Casting done in Milan and Paris."

The ad seems to be specifically for "TRESemmé Platinum Strength" and/or possibly "TRESemmé Platinum Strength Resilience".

I'll try to add more as I find it. Also, I'll try to see if I can get some better screenshots.


#2 is actually in this commercial as well.

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These have a few better shots of #2:




Also, here are some photos of #2 I found, not sure if they are any better:



I can also get in a number of screenshots, too:



Hope this helps you all, this was the best I think I could do.

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On 4/26/2015 at 11:14 AM, crsd1966 said:

Hello everyone. Does anyone know the names of these models from TRESEMME ads? Thanks 


1 -    tresemme1.jpg

Tania Ryneiskaya



2 -    tresemme21.jpg

Nastia Gorshkova


3 -    tresemme221.jpg

Isabel Canete



4 -    tresemmee2e1.jpg



I believe this is about right so far, right?


Guess all that's left is #4. Unless we misidentified #3.
@crsd1966, if you ever log on again anytime soon, you might want to update the original post with the ID'ed models' names so we can know who is left. :smile: Just a suggestion for any future ID posts, I guess.

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