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Few models waiting to be Id

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1. These are the only images I found; can't find anymore of them.



2. What is her second (last) name? Only know her as Anna I.



3. Likewise for this model. What is her second name? Only know her as Anya.




4. Who is this too? Btw, she's not Katrina Kaif.



5. Lastly, she looks a bit like Laura Vandervoort.



Credits: All pictures taken from www.taobao.com


Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the potential lead.  I'm not seeing the indisputable facial resemble in all of them, but in quite a few, I'd agree it's a match! Most aspect of the frame/figure appears close too.  I ran a few of those images through google image search, and no hits occurred. I figured that would be the case. Maybe I used the wrong ones.


The important connecting filament in all this is that your post's brand is Asian and my post's brand (Vacodo) is Asian, too.  Vacodo comes out of China, I believe.  Hard to find anything substantiative on them, either.  However - you may be onto something at the agency you found, as we're looking in the right part of the world it seems.


Another brand out of Hong Kong is NAIRUI, and she has swimsuit images under this brand at EBAY (if you want to review those).


Other leads on her are tough to come by.  But we'll have to use google to cross reference all of those images with the word "Taline" and see if we get lucky!

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