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Survival of the Fittest - New Faces Edition


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Game play and Rules:

1) As before each round will have 2 models and their respective pictures, first to 10 points wins and moves on.

2) NO splitting votes. 1 point vote ONLY, per member, per round.

3) Member who casts the winning vote has 1 hour to choose a new contestant or else anyone can after.

4) Models will be ranked by win streaks not total wins.

5) And the new change. A model may be picked again once 30 rounds have passed since her last loss. Refer to the list below for those who cannot be picked.

6) If a model has been nominated multiple times her longest win streak will count only.

7) Once a member casts a vote it may not be changed for any reason.

8) And last but not least, I will keep track of all information of the charts below.

9) No advertising in any shape, way or form is allowed for votes for given competitors.


(Until 30 rounds have cycled)


Vita Sidorkina

Shiloh Malka

Bex Fleetwood

Dana Taylor (on cycle 4)


Model lead win list:
Win Streak / Model Name / Total wins
(2) Shiloh Malka 1st place (2)

(1) Vita Sidorkina 2nd place (1)

(1) Maggie Duran (1)<<< TRENDING


(Last 30 rounds only)

Shiloh Malka VS Dana Taylor

Shiloh Malka VS Bex Fleetwood

Shiloh Malka VS Vita Sidorkina

Vita Sidorkina VS Maggie Duran

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