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who is that model from otto.de


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Found it. It wasn't Otto but Schwab






I thought she was Aline from PMA Models but no one could confirm it. 





EDIT Aline is Aline Muller 



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While she looks similar to the catalog images, in really life she has freckles and doesn't seem to have breast implants like the mystery model. (she might not have implants but it appears that way because of the extreme crease around her cleavage which only happens with implants or over zealous airbrushing. 


(this is aline)


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I think I finally got her...(figuratively of course).  There is precious little out there on her, but hey!  She has a topic here (lol).  So she was here all the time.


Anna Eliza Szopa




PS:  There is a huge disconnect on the web about Anna Eliza Szopa and Anna Maria Sobolewska.  There is BOTH a facial resemblance as well as a physical resemblance, so that's why this error continues to propagate.  The viral nature of web "information" will make that happen for ... eternity.  Frankly, it wouldn't surprise me if it's the SAME person, with 2 different agencies and model names.  Some of her pics at Imago look EXACTLY like Anna Maria.


MK - do you know of any others models that might have created 2 or more different "persona" for some reason?


Anyway ... her work demonstrated at imago is pretty comprehensive. 

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If it were just plain Anna, I would say she could be married. a lot of times models start off with fake names. For instance Flip Driver of Storm, up until this year she always booked under Flip. Now she is pursuing an acting career and subsequently she changed her name to Sarah Driver. Also, with high fashion models, there is this thing were agencies will change a models name, like use a variant of their name like Snow at Q Models to confuse clients into thinking the model is younger than she is to give her a fresh start to try editorial modeling again. However, the names you give there are entirely different. If it was just Anna and a different name I would say, yes it's possible it's the same model. Another scenarioagencies mixed up the pictures. Search Gia Johnson Singh and Gia Stranzyay. Option Models in Zurich (which neither is with anymore), placed Stranzyay's pictures in Johnson Singh's portfolio. 


Those two girls are different models entirely. One is an image model from Brazil. The other is a Polish model who resembles her. You need to search German Agencies. Most models based in Italy usually have an agency in Munich. A lot of agencies like Fashion Model Management represent models both in Munich and Milan, if the model doesn't have an agency there. However, you really need to search these agencies for her:




It's possible it's Anna Eliza but I doubt it's Anna Maria because I can't even find an agency of hers. 


this is a list of models I created who worked for Otto




most of them have agencies both in Hamburg and Munich. But I would try the smaller agencies in those areas or MGM Models again. She looks like she would be with MGM Models in Hamburg. I would venture to say she is non-exclusive German model with numerous agencies in Germany especially in places like Nurnberg, Dusseldorf, etc..

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Thanks for the explanation - Appreciate the time to draft and explain.  The net net of this is: I'm really confident it's Anna Szopa aka Anna Sobolewska aka Anna Maria Schneider now.  I've review ALL her agency pics from that site, and her work here at Bellazon and it's a lock for me.


Please note:  I found her at ANOTHER AGENCY in POLAND.


Frankly, this is much more complex.  There are pictures of BOTH women (Anna Maria Sobolewska AND Anna Szopa) in the SAME portfolio at this POLISH agency.




I'm telling ya... something fishy going on here. I noted how similar these two women were from my first post on this topic.


This is Anna Szopa (who look EXACTLY like the women we're trying to ID)...




And images of Anna Maria Sobolewska are in the "ANNA" portfolio at Ruby (click the image to enlarge it)...




Someone's got 2 names, and two lines of work.... The face and body shape are identical.


Wondering if she does fashion?  Why Yes - she does -.  The reason we don't see it is because with her figure, she's REAL BUSY doing swimwear for Lavel in 2013 (Poland) (which she excels at...) and Ewelon in 2014 (more swimwear).


Here's some fashion for Eldar in 2014 (another Polish Brand)....


post-31303-0-1446444160-08617_thumb.jpg post-31303-0-1446444160-09686_thumb.jpg post-31303-0-1446444160-10498_thumb.jpg post-31303-0-1446444160-11269_thumb.jpg


In fact, Anna Maria Sobolewska has yet a 3rd name she goes by: Anna Maria Schneider.


It's all the same person - hair, makeup and a bit of photoshopping all work their magic.  But it's the same person.  A person at UMC continue to offer that - Women are chameleons.


So it appears - She's now working for OTTO, doing their clothing line.


PS:  Anna Maria Schneider aka Anna Maria Sobolewska aka Anna Eliza Szopa  is German.

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Frank... good question.  She's german, so her "schneider" name caters to the German market.  Maybe that's her birthname.  Her other names are sobolewska and szopa, clearly Polish roots.  I know of a few other models that do this/have done this. Some decide to abandon their birthname and go forward with new ones.  But as you know, that never works these days - the web finds you.  Someone always finds original names.


Anyway, glad your id is complete and you're happy.


Searching on any of those names will get you a lot more of her (mostly in her Sobolewska name).

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do you remember Elissa Sursara? She is a fictional model/actress that someone made up and used all of Katarina Vargas images. It became so outrages that the English press romantically linked Sursara to Emilie Hirsch, Justin Beiber, Shia Lebouf,  Freddie Ljungberg, and many others.. Any unidentified female that looked Brazilian was dubbed Elissa Sursara on the net which then was used in news papers. We never found out the truth behind it whether it was a giant misunderstanding with someone on a site like this improperly identified a model and it spun out of control but there were several profiles on FMD with variants of Elissa Sursara using mostly Katarina Vargas's images and general info ie her Birthday, etc.


It's very possible you are stumbling across these not so legit sites giving you inaccurate information. Remember the internet is filled with idiots trying to pass off lies as facts.


both these sites just list the model as Anna. they do not mention a last name which could be your problem. 




It isn't uncommon for a commercial model to do Polish lingerie. Look at Sarah Jackon, she did campaign for Thierry Muggler but she also does erotic lingerie in Poland on the quiet because it pays well. Lingerie pays well and erotic pays more. Most models don't do erotic because it doesn't look good for big commercial clients who don't want anything controversial associated with their brand. If you aren't able to land those types of campaigns and you are a catalog model, it really does pay to do erotic lingerie. I find the Brazilians, Germans, and Polish commercial/catalog models have no qualms doing glamour model work if need be. Bon Prix has an erotic lingerie section and surprisingly some very well known fashion models have done it. Look at Tolos Model Agency in Poland. It's all top lingerie e-commerce girls from outside Polan. Every time you guys try to identify models I link that site, because they represent an array of non-Polish non-glamour models who regularly do erotic lingerie. 


I think your problem is you are reading way too much into it. That is Anna Szopa. That's her name because that's what the agency says. Also, I believe Spud did us a great injustice by just labeling Joy Models. There are several Joy Models but I would think it's the Italian agency which makes sense. The only reason why a model would have an agency in Bologna, Italy would be because she was/is based in Italy. It would make sense that she was with an agency in Milan and was exclusive to them. Models who can't make a go of it, often become non-exclusive. I think her agency had high hopes for her, so they placed her with another agency in Italy, outside of Milan to get her more work.  


I trust certain sources. Photographers don't lie about models names




In Poland, she is known as Ania Szapo. 



Like I said before, its possible she has gotten married but there are too many names floating around with her lingerie work which just proves some idiot on the internet probably mislabeled her name and it snowballed into an entirely different person. 


Like I said before unless you can find an agency that list those models names, you can assume they are fake. They probably are using the name or it's a real person that someone accidentally switched the pictures. Either way it doesn't matter. Find Ania or Anna Szapo's German agency and contact them. You could contact Imago in Bologna as well. I can not confirm if Ruby Models is a legitimate agency but you can contact them too. 

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