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Thanks Adira, Kerri, l am Eden and Alina Lover. Its sweet that she takes her little brother with her. They seem like such a close knit family. l love the colour pink of her trousers. They remind me of the pink bandage Herve Ledger dress she wore when promoting SI cover.

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I find the pictures of Bar with the little girl quite lovely. I know someone posted a link related to the article concerning the little girl's disease. What did the article mention? And how is/was Bar concerned?

Thanks! :wave:

Yeah this young girl has ovarian cancer :cry: I do not know Bars dirrect involvment, but it is so sweet of her anyway :blush:

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She;s obsessed with pants lately :p

I know! Don't get me wrong I think she looks incredible in anything she wears, and the pants are very stylish, but I miss her wearing dress's and showing off her awesome legs!

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