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Bar Refaeli


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article about a letter to bar - the header is saving Bar Refaeli


the writer wrote letter to bar to leave Dicaprio and merry a Jewish

i found a similar article.

Marzel to Ask Refaeli to Reconsider Marriage

(IsraelNN.com) Bar Refaeli has arrived home in Israel and activist Baruch Marzel is using the opportunity to request that the Israeli model reconsider and cancel her planned marriage to American actor Leonardo DiCaprio.


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What a nice surprise to see Bar doing the LV fashion show in Paris!!! I kind of like her dress.... it's very 40s or early 50s. And it suits her figure very well!

Since she is in Paris, she is probably going to launch the new Passionata lingerie campaign as mentioned before. :)

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OMG OMG OMG! Who cares about the dress? Bar landed a MAJOR Show!

Im so happy for her, i always wanted to see more HF things of her ... Im so so happy!

I hope we get some backstage pictures (& if im lucky one w/Adriana :heart: )

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I can't tell which is the uglier: her or the dress

Her first fashion show for a famous brand and probably her last.

Backstage: (someone should tell her how to dress )


Please refrain from using a model's thread as an opportunity to trash the model. That is not what these are set up for. Perhaps you can find a model more to your liking elsewhere on Bellazon? Thanks! Ganymede

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